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Events we're going to in the coming year (X-posted from my own journal)

Yo, here's where we will be; please join us if you can! The ones in bold are my own dear Shire of Druim Doineann's events, so I'd particularly love to see as many of my Clan and friends there as possible:

Banner War, Sept. 23-25
Last Chance Tourney, Oct. 14-16
Hunter's Moon Harvest, Oct. 21-23
Yule Feast, Dec. 3

Candlemas, Jan 4
Ursulmas, Jan. 20-22 (maybe)
Holly and Ivy Revel, Jan. 28
Day of Dance, Feb. 25 (maybe)
Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship, Mar. 3-5
Unneccessary Quest, Mar. 11 (maybe)
Celtic Bardic, Mar. 17-19 (maybe)
All Champions/Allthing, Mar. 24-26 (maybe)

Maypole XIII, Apr. 28-30
May Faire/40-Year Celebration In An Tir, May 5-15
June Faire, June 2-4
Port Angeles Renaissance Faire, June, dates not yet posted
Lord Defenders Tournament, June 9-11 (maybe, if it doesn't conflict with Faire)
Summer Hunt, July 21-23

After that, I have a dilemma, because
Hot Summer Lights, Aug. 4-6
once again conflicts with the first weekend of the Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire, which goes for the first three weekends of August. Aug. 4, 2006 will be my 49th birthday, and I haven't yet decided at which event to celebrate it. We will definitely be at the second and third weekends of the Faire even if we miss the first one.

Anyway that brings us back 'round to:
Autumn War, Sept. 15-18, and
Banner War, Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2006
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