Elenbarathi (elenbarathi) wrote in houseleannan,

From James the Obscure about Holly and Ivy

I've got a Karaoke machine and 2 mics to start
with. I'll bring some tapes. I figure that what we start with what we have and go from there.

I'm due to teach a class in [Getting Started in
Storytelling]. Other than that, I'm thinking that
we'll pick a time and do stories plus keep a list of
other contributions. If the Bardic Alliance is in
attendance, mayhap we could agree on the performance
list. Anyway, by recording several times plus at
feast time, we should have a fair composite of The
Bards of Druim Doineann. Be nice to be able to convert whatever we get into a finished CD format and distribute it.

That's not an especially detailed lesson plan, but
perhaps we can mold it into a composite completeness.

Can you send this out thru the Alliance?
Any comments?

James the Obscure
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