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Druim Doineann social meeting on Sunday

(From Lady Mary, and please come to it if you can - Liranwy and I seriously need Bardic backup at these things, and it would be nice if the Alliance was more of a "presence" in the Shire.)

We are having a meeting on the 14th of December (that's this Sunday!) at Lady Suzanne's abode, 1212 Craig Avenue, Port Angeles. Right now the meeting is scheduled to begin about 2pm with a SHORT (ed. note: I wouldn't count on this) Business Meeting at 2:15 to take care of the most important things still to be discussed before HOLLY AND IVY. Then we have our December Social Meeting following the business meeting.

The Social is a Potluck. Please bring your own feast gear and beverage. Bring good food to share. If you wish to take part in the gift exchange please bring a wrapped THRIFT STORE TREASURE.

There are several ways to Lady Susanne's. The way that I am most familiar with is the following. Come in to Port Angeles from east or west. From the east you come in on a one way street. Watch for the Hurricane Ridge Signs, this is RACE Street. Turn towards the mountains (south) on Race. (If you get to the downtown area you are toooooo far.) Go about 1.5 miles on Race -- after you pass the National Park headquarters on the right, look for Craig street on which you can ONLY turn left. Go on Craig until you come to Porter Street. On the East side of Craig and Porter you will see a two story white apartment duplex.

Coming from the west you come into town on Lauridsen Boulevard. Continue on Boulevard, pass through the jog at Lauridsen Boulevard and Lincoln, and continue on Boulevard until you come to Race Street. Turn up the hill or towards the mountains and follow the above

(Amended directions, since these are hopelessly rambling:
Drive into Port Angeles.
Turn uphill/toward the mountains on Race Street
- left if coming from the East, right if coming from the West.
Go about 1.5 miles on Race Street.
Turn left on Craig.
Go on Craig to Porter.
1212 Craig Avenue -
Two-storey white apartment duplex on the corner of Craig and Porter.)

Lady Suzanne is in #5. There is parking on the street in front of the complex, & some parking in the alley behind the complex. Lady Suzanne's number is 360-452-4634. Hope to see you all there.

If you have some music tape or CD or instruments please bring them to the social to add to the festivities.

Lady Mary of Druim Doineann

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